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I think it just worth noting here that not all Buy to Let mortgage lenders ask for proof of earned income or have a minimum annual income requirement.  The reason why no declaration or evidence of earned income is required is because the bank will lend based on the valuer’s assessment of monthly rental income.  Such assessments aim for the monthly rental income to be between 125% and 130% of the interest only monthly mortgage payment based on either the rate of interest payable or 6%.

I believe it is also important to point out that the changes experienced to our residential mortgages in recent weeks, where interest only lending has reduced from 75% Loan to Value (ltv) to 50% ltv does not apply to Buy to Let mortgages where interest only is still available up to 80% LTV as Buy to Let scenerio’s focus on being income/profit producing where the repayment of capital is not always the priority.  Buy to Let mortgages are often non-regulated.


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