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The majority of clients I deal with are self employed so whether you are a Sole trader, Limited Company Director, partner or draw your income from trusts, etc or you are both employed and self employed I will hopefully have advised and organised a mortgage with someone in a very similar position to where you find yourself now.

Please have a read through some of the categories listed on the right hand side of this page to understand the work I have carried out and hopefully build your confidence that what you are looking to attain is possible.

If you are reading this during office hours just pick up the phone and call me to discuss your situation and what you are looking to achieve, alternatively if it is the weekend / late evening send me an email with the questions you need answered and any background you think relevant.  If you have the time, please complete the Mortgage Fact Find.  I appreciate this form is comprehensive, but the more detail you supply the easier and faster we can get your mortgage organised.  I think its important to mention under the Data Protection Act 1998 that your details will not be sold or shared with any other business.

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